uvex jakkyl hde 2.0 Downhill Hjálmur

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The jakkyl hde 2.0 by uvex got a facelift. It now features the new, high-quality, breathable VENT CARBON padding. The jakkyl hde is a quick-change artist. You can remove or fit the chin guard whenever you want. The BOA 30° FULL RING allows for in individual fit and particularly high comfort. Ready for maximum protection!

• Made with DOUBLE INMOULD technology
• Removable and washable, antiallergic VENT CARBON padding
• BOA 360° FULL RING for a perfect fit
• Precisely adjustable FAS strap system
• Comfortable MONOMATIC closure
• 14 built-in vents
• Adjustable, removable visor
• Removable chin guard
• Goggle mount
• EN1078

The EPS liner shell is inseparably joined with a polycarbonate outer shell. A second polycarbonate shell provides additional protection and protects the edges of the helmet from damages.

This padding made from functional material with carbon threads feels soft on the skin for high comfort. Ventilation channels and perforated pads provide a perfect helmet climate.

Flexible polyamide straps surround your head from three sides for a perfect fit. A BOA dial with ratchet function allows for precise height and width adjustments for a perfect fit and pressure distribution.

An infinitely adjustable strap system allows for an individual adjustment of the straps according to head shape and preferences.

A comfortable, easily adjustable ratchet closure that can be opened and adjusted with just one click.