SKS Lube Your Chain

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The high-tech chain oil LUBE YOUR CHAIN was specially developed for SKS GERMANY by experts from the automobile industry. It features outstanding corrosion protection and is 100 percent solvent-free. It contains PTFE, which forms a protective film reducing chain friction and therefore wear and noise. It also seals the gaps between the chain links. The specially designed oil bottle and applicator makes it possible to oil your chain links with optimum coverage. You can find an instructional video at For up to 75 applications.


• P.T.F.E.-based

• 100% solvent-free

• Seals and reduces metal to metal contact

• Reduces chain wear and noise

• Formula developed by experts from the automotive industry

• Highest protection against corrosion

• Easy, clean and economical application with our innovative and integrated applicator

• Made in Germany