SKS Airstep

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Foot pump with an integrated spiral hose

A great performance: the AIRSTEP foot pump with a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge combines first-class materials and a well-conceived design. The AIRSTEP should be positioned to the centre of the bike for easy pumping. From here, the front and rear tyres can be connected to THE MULTI VALVE head thanks to the long spiral hose.

For easy pumping that is gentle on your back

Activation of the aluminium pedal with an upright, back-friendly posture enables an effective pumping performance of 7 bar to be achieved. After pumping, the stirrup is folded down and locked in place with the push of a button. The elastic hose automatically rewinds to the starting position. The compact pump can then be stored on the wall bracket to save space.

• Enables pumping that is gentle on your back
• Integrated storage compartment for the spiral hose
• Large precision pressure gauge
• MULTI VALVE head for all types of valves
• Includes a wall bracket
• Made in Germany

art.No.: 11511
color: black-grey
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 7 bar / 102 PSI