SKS Airkompressor 12.0 - Hjólapumpa

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Sturdy stand pump for air power

Exerts tremendous pressure: the SKS AIRKOMPRESSOR 12.0 impresses with its extra long steel tube for high volume per stroke, the extra large pressure gauge and THE MULTI VALVE head for all types of valves.

Extra long steel tube ensures greater volume per stroke

Bike tyres can be easily inflated to a pressure of 12 bar with this stand pump.

• Sturdy high-performance pump
• Extra long steel tube
• Large pressure gauge
• MULTI VALVE head for all types of valves
• Made in Germany

material: Metal tube/plastic base
color: black
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 12 bar / 174 PSI
height: 730 mm
cylinder inner: metal
foot: plastic
handhold: plastic