SKS Airkompressor 10.0

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Floor pump with a large precision pressure gauge

Reliable: The SKS AIRKOMPRESSOR 10.0 floor pump is equipped with a 80 mm precision pressure gauge for optimum readability as well as a long high-pressure hose, which makes pumping more comfortable. With its steel tube and robust plastic base, the pump has a sturdy appearance and the plastic handle is handy and robust.

Compact, sturdy and reliable

Even high tyre pressures up to 10 bar (436 cm³ stroke) are no problem for the pressure booster. The optimised “MV EASY” MULTI VALVE head is suitable for all valve types.

• Sturdy steel tube
• Easy-to-read precision pressure gauge
• Long high-pressure hose
• “MV EASY” MULTI VALVE head for all valve types
• Made in Germany

hose length: 900 mm
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 10 bar / 144 PSI
height: 650 mm
cylinder inner: metal
foot: plastic
handhold: plastic