SKS Airchecker 2. Generation

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Digital air pressure gauge with a pressure release function

Check it out! The digital SKS AIRCHECKER air pressure gauge impresses with its high measuring accuracy. The soft plastic components on the sides of the precision pressure gauge for bicycle tyres are pleasant to the touch. The large display can be read in all positions thanks to the swivelling duo head, which is compatible with all Schrader/Presta valves.

Perfect tyre pressure thanks to real-time monitoring

The display can be switched from bar to PSI at the push of a button. The pressure release function with continuous real-time monitoring is useful for incremental pressure deflation. It allows very precise adjustment of the pressure. With an automatic switch-off function after 30 seconds and a hanging option. Battery included.

• High measuring accuracy
• Pleasant to the touch thanks to plastic handles on the sides
• Swivelling duo head with a large display
• Pressure release function with real-time measurement
• Automatic switch-off after 30 seconds

color: black
weight: 54 g
valve: AV, SV
output max: 10 bar / 144 PSI