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The Tech Rain Jacket Commuter Reflection is a perfect jacket for commuters who want to stand out during morning and evening rush hour. The entire surface of this men's jacket has a reflective mist print that increases your visibility.

  • The Tech Rain Jacket Commuter Reflection for men is made from 100 percent recycled polyester, which comes from PET bottles. And so this jacket carries AGU's Greensphere label. You're making a sustainable choice.
  • Under the outer fabric is the Poray 10.000 membrane. Even when it's constantly dripping and you're riding your speed pedelec at high speed, the water cannot possibly pass through this water and windproof layer. The higher the Poray number, the better the waterproofing.
  • Thanks to the Poray 10.000 membrane, this rain jacket is also breathable. The higher the Poray number, the better the breathability.
  • The jacket has a reflective fog print over the entire surface. When it's dusk or dark and oncoming traffic shines their lights on the jacket, this mist-like print is beautifully illuminated. You stand out even more.
  • Behind the YKK zipper in the front there is a rain gutter to prevent rain from entering.
  • The jacket has an asymmetrical flap over the zip that closes magnetically.
  • The extended sleeves protect your hands from rain and cold.
  • The hood is easily adjustable to ensure that your head stays dry. You can hide the hood at the back if you want.
  • At the back, the Tech Rain Jacket Commuter Reflection has an extra ventilation panel. This allows excess body heat to escape.
  • Plenty of storage space: the jacket provides two hand pockets, a chest pocket and a back pocket.
  • The jacket comes in a handy storage pouch. So you can easily take it with you.
  • The Tech Rain Jacket Commuter Reflection is available in five sizes (S to XXL).