Corratec X-Vert 29 Expert Fjallahjól

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Vandað 29 tommu fjallahjól með framdempara frá Corratec. 
  • Made out of high class Triple Butted Aluminium.
  • Comfortable geometry for safety and riding pleasure on long MTB Tours across stock and stone.


STELL: Corratec X Vert Expert

GAFFALL: HL 565D AMS 29" 100mm

BREMSUR: Clarks Clout front 180mm / Clarks Clout rear 160mm

KASSETTA: L-Twoo A7 10S 11-42


GJARÐIR: ZZYZX Cross Attack 29 Boost front  / ZZYZX Cross Attack 29 Boost rear 

DEKK: Innova IA-1130 front / Innova IA-1130 rear 

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Because of the problems in the delivery chain arising from the current COVID-19 situation, the bike can be delivered with modifications.