AGU Heated Thermo Jacket Essential Women LED

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Þessi einstaki upphitaði jakki gerir allar hjólaferðir auðveldari í skammdeginu frá þekkta Hollenska hjólafataframleiðanda Agu. Jakkinn er með hitapanela sem hefur 3 hitastillingar sem henta öllum ásamt LED ljósi að aftan til að auka sýnileika. 
The Heated Jacket is a form-fitting piece of contemporary urban riding apparel that is fitted with unobtrusive integrated heat panels. They can be adjusted in 3 settings, depending on preference and personal body temperature. The jacket truly comes into its own when just you’re not moving; stopping for groceries or waiting for mates - or when you decide to take it easy. This version has implemented LED lights on the rear for improved visibility whenever you’re wearing it.

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  • Material: WNDPRF-X159; Windproof and Water-resistant
  • High loft insulation
  • Battery powered rear led light
  • DW Electric heating on chest and back
  • Heating on 3 settings for maximum 6 hours
  • Including Battery pack
  • Full open-end camlock zipper
  • 2 Zippered front pockets + 1 Zipped back pocket