WTB Nano 40 700x40 Comp

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FAAAASSSTT!!!!! The Nano 40c is built for speed. An all out gravel destroyer that can still appease those clamoring for a truly BIG cyclocross tire. Everybody's irrefutable favorite, 'nough said.


  • Minimal rolling resistance due to raised, consistent centerline tread.
  • Long, staggered knobs provide steadfast traction without cutting down on speed.
  • TCS tubeless reliabilty for gravel exploring or cyclocross racing.
  • Available with black or tan sidewalls.

REVIEWS:  Urban Velo -  The Radavist -  Singletrack -  All Hail the Black Market -  Art's Cyclery - GravelBike.com - RidingGravel.com - Cyclocross Magazine; 2015 Editor's Award for Cyclocross Magazine - BikeRadar


USAGE:  Gravel / Cyclocross
CONDITIONS:  Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand

Wheel Size Level Weight Compound
Comp Tube-Type
550g DNA