SKS Seal Your Tyre 500 ml

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The liquid sealant SEAL YOUR TIRE seals cracks and punctures up to 6 mm. It is suitable for repair or as a preventive puncture protection for bicycle hoses and tubeless systems and should be renewed every six months. The special feature: SEAL YOUR TIRE is CO2 compatible, so that the tire can also be filled with CO2.

That's how it works:

1. Remove the core of the tire and remove the cap from the bottle.

2. Close the bottle with a finger.

3. Shake well and pour immediately through the valve. Valve position must be at 8 o'clock.

4. Press the bottle to fill the desired amount of sealant.

5. Reassemble the valve core and inflate the tire.

6. Turn impeller and shake sideways to disperse the sealant.