Santa Cruz Chameleon

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A stalwart of the Santa Cruz range, the Chameleon almost needs no introduction these days.

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As the name implies, the Chameleon is a bike that can change to match its environment. Twenty-niner or 27-plus, geared or single-speed, this adaptable hardtail utilizes a suite of swappable dropouts to convert it from aggro trail charger to husky bikepacking mule to anything in between.

Depending on setup and skill level, the Chameleon is capable on a wide range of terrain—aggressive trail riding to jump lines to all-around use. Going for maximum speed and rollability? Go 29er. Riding mostly loose terrain? Get some Plus tires that provide traction for days.

Key Features:

  • Available in:Aluminum 
  • Wheel size: 29" or 27.5"+
  • Front travel:120mm or 130mm
  • Rear travel:Hardtail