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There is little argument that combination flexible cable locks are the most popular style locks on the market. Fully integrated end designs, with no keys to lose and enough length to lock-up almost anywhere? Perfect. That is why you see them all over town, at schools and universities, as well as in bike storage rooms at work or apartment buildings. We need portability, flexibility, and ease of use. At 5 feet in length, braided steel cable diameter 12mm with vinyl shell, and integrated, programmable combination lock interface, the Debo gives you exactly what you need.

The flexible, coated cable protects your bike and lock point, while the locking ends fully integrate with the cable itself. Simply slide the male end into the receiver, spin the combo wheels randomly and the lock is secure. There is a spring loaded lock catch, which gives you reassuring action either way. Setting your favorite four-digit combination is simple. The self coiling design makes packing it into your bag or backpack a snap, and more practical riders will just slip it onto their handlebars for quick access.