RockyMounts TieRod

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Sleek form fitting bike rack for the factory set.

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The TieRod fits bikes with standard quick release front wheels, and it designed to fit the OEM elliptical shaped bars from cars like Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Chevy, Lexus, etc.  We use rubber coated, form fitting stainless steel straps to secure the low profile rack, to your crossbars. We CNC a slot in the wheel tray to allow ample room for bikes with disc brakes.

An optional purchase of a 2-Pack Lock Cores will allow you to lock the bike to rack and the rack to the car.


  • Fork style bike mount that will work with every cross bar system available
  • Exceptionally aerodynamic, with a clean, attractive installed look
  • Optimized with tray cut-out for disc brake caliper compatibility
  • Works with standard quick release style drop-outs
  • 9mm thru-axle adapters may be used
  • Carrying limit of 35lbs
  • Width adjustable fork skewer levers firmly in place
  • Easy to install and adjust as necessary
  • Rear wheel fastened with indexed strap


From the center of your front crossbar, the TieRod extends 50" to the end of the wheel tray if you want to check to make sure your hatchback opens. 



What is the difference between the TieRod and JetLine?

  • The TieRod fits everything including factory crossbars, if you’re not sure what crossbars you have we recommend the TieRod. The JetLine only fits Thule square, Yakima round and slotted crossbars.

Will my bike fork fit?

  • Yes, if your bike has a quick release front wheel.

Does it fit thru axles?  

  • No, check out the SwitchHitter for thru axles which will also work with your 9mm quick release. You could also use an adapter like the DriveShaft and StreetRod or go with one of our upright mounts.

Will it fit my car rack?

  • The TieRod fits onto factory crossbars, slotted crossbars,Thule® square, and Yakima® round crossbars.

Does it come with locks?  

  • No.  Most people purchase two, and then you would end up with different keys.  We sell them separately (here) to minimize the number of keys you have to carry.

How many locks do I need?  

  • Two.  One locks the cover plate on so the rack cannot be removed from the car, the other locks the handle of the quick release.

Do I need locks? 

  • No.  A cable lock run through the bike frame and under the crossbars works well also, check out our offerings here.

Is my bike safe left on the rack. Yes and No.  

  • Thieves do not care about you or your bike, they just want to steal it quickly and sell it even quicker. The locks on all racks are deterrents only.  Sorry, we cannot correct society.

Will if fit the stock bars that come on most SUVs and Crossovers?  

  • Yes.

How far apart do the bars need to be?  

  • 16” minimum, 40” maximum

Can I mount it backwards (rear wheel facing forward)?  

  • Yes.  On some short roof line cars, the tray can hit the hatchback.  In this case, mount it with the fork clamp on the rear bar, and the wheel tray on the front bar.

What kind of paint do you use?  

  • The wheel trays use UV resistant powder coated, except for silver, which is anodized.

What is it made of?  

  • The head (where the fork clamps) is aluminum, the mounting straps are stainless steel and the wheel tray is 6061 aluminum.

Why would I buy this instead of the Thule® or Yakima® ones?  

  • We live in a free society, please choose the one you think is the best.  We specialize in bike mounts, ask anyone that owns one of our products.

How long is the tray?

  • The tray is 45" long and includes an end cap. If you are concerned about it hitting your hatchback when it opens, you will need 48.5" from the front of your front crossbar, to the hatchback when open.

Is there a weight limit?

  • Yes, there is a 35lb weight limit. Do not try to mount your moped.

Is there anything else I need to buy?

  • Everything you will need to mount your rack and carry your bike comes in the box. However, locks are sold separately, that way you can key all your RockyMounts products alike.

Will it hold my Road and Mountain Bike?

  • Yes, the TieRod securely holds both Road and Mountain bikes.

Will it accommodate my disc brakes?

  • Yes, the TieRod has a disc brake cut-out to accommodate all disc brakes.

What type of maintenance is required?

  • It is recommended that you lubricate the quick release at least once a year. Chain oil works well and the quick release will just need a couple drops on the cam.

What size tire will fit?

  • The TieRod will fit skinny road tires up to 2.7" mountain bike tires.

How far does it stick back? I am worried about the tray hitting my tailgate/trunk

  • From the center of your front crossbar, it extends 50" back.  The JetLine is 48", SwitchHitter is 50", BrassKnuckles 45" & Tomahawk 39"

My bike has a thru-axle, will this work?  

  • No, you will need an adapter, get the SwitchHitter instead

I have Thule® square or Yakima® round bars, will this fit?  

  • Yes, but we designed the Jetline to custom fit these bars, the Jetline fits better with a more compact design.

Is it easy to take on and off?

  • Yes, it is three bolts.

How does it lock? 

  • Locks the cover plate on so no one can unscrew the bolt that attaches the front head to the car, the other lock plugs into the quick release and prevents some one from opening the quick release.

Why don't you include the locks?  

  • Most people buy two racks, this allows them to have the same key.

Can I just use a cable lock?

  • Yes.

Will Thule® or Yakima® lock cores work?

  • No