RockyMounts MonoRail Single Bike Add-On

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The 2" receiver-type MonoRail hitch rack comes equipped as a 2-bike set-up, and is expandable to three bikes with this Single Bike Add-On kit. You get all you need to add carrying capability to your MonoRail, which offers the ability to adjust each carrier 3" side to side in order to create optimal bike offsets if necessary.

The base 2-Bike MonoRail rack is capable of supporting 120lbs, total, with 60lbs max per tray. If you do the math evenly, with the 3-bike set-up afforded by this Single Bike Add-On, each bike would be limited to 40lbs each. If you opted for say one 60lb bike and two 30lb bikes, you should load the heaviest bike closest to the vehicle. The MonoRail carrier can manage bikes with 20-29" wheels, and tires up to 5" wide or skinny road tires. It is time to give your MonoRail more capacity, with this Single-Bike Add-On kit.

  • 1-bike carrier add-on to Rocky Mounts MonoRail 2" receiver, 2 bike hitch rack
  • Includes carrier and fittings to add to existing rack
  • Max weight capacity of rack with three bikes is 120lbs, always load heaviest bike closest to the vehicle (max for any carrier is 60lbs)
  • Fits bikes with wheels from 20-29", with tire width from 700x20 to 5" fatties
  • Note: 2" receiver 2-bike MonoRail racks can only be expanded to 3 bikes total


Not compatible with 1.25" MonoRail.