Cordo Carry Advanced

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This bike carrier weighs only 13.5 kilos and is easy to fold.

In addition, the bicycle carrier can be tilted so that the trunk is always accessible.

With the patented quick-release coupling, the bicycle carrier is quickly and easily attached to the tow bar.

The bike carrier has wide plastic wheel gutters and flexible frame clamps.
This means that the bikes are firmly mounted on the carrier.

Product Dimension: 119 x 55.5 x 69 cm
Weight: 13.5kg
Color: Black
Suitable Bicycles: Almost all bikes
Number of Bicycles: 2
Distance between bikes: 18 cm
Max. Capacity: 50 kg
Type Carrier: Towbar bike carrier
Bike Attachment: Frame
Bike placement: Standing on platform
Maximum Tire Width: 6 cm
Rear light: Yes
Fog light: Yes
Reversing light: Yes
Flashing light: Yes
Brake light: Yes
License Plate Lighting: Yes
Collapsible/Extendable Lighting: Yes
Lock: No
Towbar Needed: Yes
Type Towbar: Universal 50mm, incl. Bosal BCS2, excl. Brink RMC, excl. Aluminum tow bars
Foldable: Yes
Tiltable: Yes
Degrees Tiltable: 65 degrees
Lift system: No.
Ramp: No
Storage Case: No.
Plug: 7 & 13 pole (Jaeger)